Everything you want to know after applying your Inkster tattoo can be found here.

It takes 24-36 hours for the tattoo to be completely dark. Each skin type reacts differently to the ink. Different skin types exhibit different tattoo colors. 🤗

If you still can't see anything after 36 hours, please send us an email to and we will take care of your problem

In fact, it's even good for your tattoo. However, we recommend not rubbing the tattoo dry and applying cream after the sauna. 💦

Yes, you can wear an inkster tattoo in the sun. We advise not rubbing the tattoo dry and applying lotion after sunbathing (like we recommend for the whole body 😛).

No reason to worry! Once you've applied the tattoo and washed off the DIY ink, you won't see anything at first.



It is important for the Inkster Tattoo not to be washed away 8 hours after application.


As the ink reacts with your skin, your skin will turn black-blue within 24-36 hours. First it is light blue, later it gets darker and darker.


Inkster tattoos can only be used once.


You can use one ink tube for several different motives. In addition, you can get more cut designs in our store . Simply select "Design Only" on the product page of any tattoo you like.

The best way to remove your tattoo is to clean your skin with an exfoliant - warm salt water works best! You can also use a body scrub or washcloth.

Be gentle with your skin and stop rubbing if it starts to hurt.

Our ink contains ingredients that you may not have applied to your skin before. Therefore, there is a small risk of an allergic reaction when using it.

If there is a reaction, it is usually just a mildly irritated skin irritation. In this case, the application must be terminated. Also, applying cream and avoiding scratching the area will help. The redness should go away after a few hours. If the itching, burning and/or redness persists, you should consult a doctor and follow their instructions (before applying the cream again).

If the ink comes into contact with your eyes, rinse them out immediately.